‘The New Martyrs of Russia’ is the name of the program of the Catholic Church in Russia, which was founded by the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Russian Federation on January 30, 2002.

The main aim of the program is to prepare for beatification the catholic martyrs of Russia in the XX century. The aim of the program at the first stage was to collect the information about the candidats for beatification, the documents about them, about their life and death, and also about the veneration of them by the belivers of all the world. The information, which was already collected, was introduced to the competent ecclesiastical officials, who are responsible for beginning the process of beatification of the candidats.

Process was named in Rome as ‘Causa Beatificationis seu Declarationis Martyrii Servorum Dei Eduardi Profittlich Archiepiscopi titularis Hadrianopolitani in Haemimonto Administratoris Apostolici Estoniensis, ex Societate Iesu et XV Sociorum’, which has began on May 31, 2003. From this moment the candidates have got the title ‘The Serves of the God’.

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